Sunday, June 04, 2017

Railex 2017

Best layout?

Horfield station

Horfield. Why? They gave me some cake.

Horfield coffee cake

And this blog CAN be bribed.

Seriously though, there wasn't a duff, or even average layout at the show this year. I could rave about Denton Brook and the working road vehicles:

Denton Brook working road vehicles

Or Sidmouth:

Sidmouth Villas

(I put the sky in because these models face into the layout from a corner and the background is distracting), but we also had the last hurrah from Pempoul.

Pempoul railcar

But to single one layout out would be a waste of time.Basically, excellent layouts, really good trade and lots of chat. A good day out. 


Unknown said...

Couldn't agree more Phil, a great show with a great selection of traders and layouts. Definitely worth visiting each year.

cparkstone said...

You wait till I see Steve and Martin from Horfield, they have never given me cake "bah"