Thursday, June 22, 2017

Back to the 70s in BRM

I'm taking a trip back in time in July's issue of BRM. Presented with a Metcalfe card kit for a corner shop and told to do something interesting with it, inspired by a novel I had just finished, I've taken it back to the long hot summer of 1976.

I'm a big fan of card kits, but if I'm honest, built straight from the packet they can look just like card kits. I've made a few subtle modifications that I think lift this model a bit. Nothing huge, the kit is fundamentally very good, but just tweaks. The result surprised me. 

And the 1976 bit? If you can't see it, you'll have to buy the issue. You'll also find a photos of a VERY young me...

Should you be feeling inspired after my trip to the 7mm NG show last week, I've built a nice simple loco to get you started in the scale. Smallbrook studios "Hero" is a good model and well withing the capabilities of most modellers who can work a tube of superglue and pot of paint.

Next month we feature Geoff Taylor's Barmouth Junction, so this time I've interviewed him. His methods for constructing model buildings were well documented in a couple of books, both of which are now obsolete as he doesn't use any of them any more (OK, the methods still work, but Geoff has others now). A lovely guy, we had a good chat. It's very interesting to see how a professional model maker works.

This month really does feature the Ecclesbourne Railway as an extra on the DVD. Half an hour of slow TV with a trip along the length of the line chatting to the driver. 

(Sorry that I said this was last month. I'm writing this before I see a copy of the mag)

Sticking with the DVD, to tie in with a layout featuring canal boats, I'm building a nice, simple kit for a small live-aboard vessel. It's a cheap and attractive addition to any waterways scene. 

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