Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Bassett-Lowke lever frame?

Thinking caps on again please. Spotted on the same stand I bought my tube train from, who made this rather nice lever frame complete with interlocking?

Bassett-Lowke was the only suggestion the stallholder could come up with, and that was a best guess. The loco behind is certainly from that famous stable.

I had a quick play and the level action is lovely and smooth - testament to quality construction. Interlocking works perfectly too.

Did anyone produce something that would need to be bespoke? Could you buy the levers and set up your own interlocking? Would many people nowadays know how to do this?

Lack of cash and a rare flash of sensibleness stopped me adding this to the collection. I'd certainly have enjoyed playing with it for a few minutes, but what next? Unless your layout conforms to the same plan the interlocking would need re-building completely, which would be a shame.

A fascinating item though, I wonder if it sold?


Geoff from Oz said...

Modratec make an interlocking frame to order, I have two of their 6 lever frames without the interlock and am about to buy a third 6 lever frame. I like the levers better than point motors.

Anonymous said...


If like the real thing the interlocking should be changeable to suit any new configuration of layout, but probably somewhat fiddly on that scale.
Take a look at the Model Signal Engineering web site. http://www.modelsignals.com/sm_parts_frame.htm

They produce a 14 & 7 lever frame (SM1 & SM2) without interlocking. There are various methods of linking up to a layout so I believe.

Quite funny as I have just acquired the SM1 kit, via my excellent local model shop - Topps trains, not for a layout but as a challenge to see if could build it as the previous owner found it to complicated. Well that's what he said. Must do a blog on its construction - but that even more of a difficult challenge for me!!