Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Superglue time

Tradition says fixing whitemetal bits to things involved epoxy resin. I can't think why, but that was my plan. I'd even got the mixing stick out.

Then I remembered that I'm always telling people how good superglue is and why I prefer it for this sort of job. Maybe it's the heat.

Anyway, once the parts were cleaned of mold lines with abrasive sticks, everything was quickly glued in place with green Zap-A-Gap. I decided that chimney deserved a bit of support so drilled it and the resin superstucture for some brass wire. Making the holes 0./5mm oversize avoids having to line things up perfectly.

More superglue fixes the crew down to a lolly stick ready for painting. They aren't the greatest figures in the world, but will do the job here.

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