Monday, June 05, 2017

Pick-up tool

David asks:
 I seem to remember that you posted (some time ago) about using a glue (?) tipped tool to hold a fine part while placing it in a build. I cannot remember when that was and so cannot find the blog. I know that there are disposable options like microstix but I would prefer a more permanent solution.
I seem to remember that you said it came from Squires Tools. I have tried to skim through their downloadable catalogues but cannot find anything. Can you tell me what it was called or which part of their catalogue it was in?
Good question. I've had a look through the Squires catalogue too and can't find it. Mind you, the version on the website is very out of date. 
I do remember that the tool is for sale on their stand for under a fiver. There are three versions, different colour and sized tips - red, green and blue. I use green which is the middle sized version I think. A phone call would probably secure one. 
On-line, I found the red tip version on the Hobbycraft website.  Several reviews say it stopped working after a while. This is true, but licking the gel bulb seems to cure this. One it collects dirt/dust it stops sticking but cleaning it solves the problem. 

For handling small objects, such as the glazing used in a recent BRM article, this is a really handy tool. 

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Unknown said...

Iirc, gaugemaster sell them as packs of 2 different sizes or separate.