Wednesday, May 02, 2018

Warehouse Wednesday: 2 aspect signals

A recent addition to platform 3 at Leamington Spa station is this pair of 2-aspect signals. Situated quite a way from the end of the platform, they are interesting in that we see a lot of "accoutrements" appearing with them that modern image modellers will need to take notice of.

A gate stops people wandering past the signal, but if they do, then a metal plate locked to the later is supposed to stop them climbing up.

Either side of the gate are raised pyramids made of a hard rubber, presumably to dissuade anyone from walking around the fence.

The signal is mounted on a post, but unlike on model railways, this doesn't go into the platform. Instead, it's supported on 4 bolts giving it the appearance of hovering in mid-air. 


Simon Paley said...

Hi Phil,

Those signals are Dorman Lightweight LED Signal Heads and are actually 4 aspect rather than 2 aspect, it's just they only a pair of lenses, with the Red, Single Yellow and Green Aspects being shown through the bottom lens and the double yellow being shown through the top lens, much like the old search light signals.


Phil Parker said...

Thanks Simon. If anyone can provide technical details, you can. Very interesting.