Friday, August 10, 2018

Bardon Barclay

Bardon Barclay side

Spotted in the yard at Quorn a couple of weeks ago, this industrial Barclay shunter. It used to work the Bardon Hill quarry in Leicestershire, so hasn't had to travel very far to its new home.

Bardon Barclay rear

The loco appears to be ex-quarry. It's certainly not been prettied up, and to my eye, looks all the better for this lack of care.

Bardon Barclay front

Modelling option is the Mercian Models etched kit. I've built this in 3.5 and 4mm scales and it goes together well. You'd need to do a little work on some of the details to represent this loco (the kit is for the WD version) but not much - a few bonnet steps as far as I can tell.


davee52uk said...

Surely you could kitbash and modify the Walpole Drewery kit?

Nick Brad said...

I'd love to take on a project like this, I'm worried because it's not something I've done before, (only have a handful of wagon kits to my name), but it would be useful practice for the Hatchette Mallard I have waiting in boxes to be built.

Matthew Peers said...

Actually the Bardon Shunter is on its way from the railway (IIRC it is Preston Docks bound). Now for the model railway connection... It has just been bought by a company that produces model railway Ballast.

Phil Parker said...

Matthew. Interesting. Who is the new owner?

Nick - It's not a kit for the faint hearted I'm afraid. More details here:

Dave - "Walpole Drewery"?

Matthew Peers said...

Hi Phil, Mike at Geoscenics AIUI.