Monday, August 20, 2018

Garden Rail 289

September's Garden Rail doesn't open with a layout, we kick off with building a steam engine out of Roundhouse components. Steve Howard is taking us through some of the rolling stock for his excellent Hambledon Valley Railway. Many will have seen this 16mm line operating at "normal" shows and it's truly impressive. All the locos run at scale speeds and look like proper, dirty engines.

We do have a layout, the Seahaven Railway, a simple line but the sort of thing many can find space for in their gardens. It shares it's plot with a 7 1/4 railway and some entertaining RC rock crawling track too.

Then it's back to construction with a G1 BIL, 16mm Corris brake, 3D printer Terrier and a camera wagon among other delights for readers.

Buy Garden Rail 289.

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