Thursday, August 02, 2018

Three flavours of black

On a trip to the BRM office a couple of weeks ago, I commented that my tinlet of Humbrol Matt black was running low and the nearest local shop hadn't seen any supplies for a year from his wholesaler. A colleague suggested that Harrison & Dunn in Bourne town centre had a paint rack that would be worth a look, so while out for lunch, I dropped in.

The paint rack turned out to be Revell, not Humbrol. I don't see much of this paint locally to me, and better still, they don't just do one black there are three! This is exciting when you are ad dull as me.

Anyway, the colours are:
6 - Tar Black
8 - Matt Black
9 - Matt Anthracite

The contents are a little thinner than Humbrol but still perfectly usable. The colour variation is incredibly handy though. No.9 is a pretty good match for my favourite "Weathered black" from the Railmatch range, but unlike theirs, dries matt.

No.6 is a nicely off-black too, ideal for dry brushing areas like chimneys that need black, but not the pure matt black.

A handy find. I'll be back to put a few tinlets into store.

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Spitfire2865 said...

There doesnt appear to be any distributors in the US. Bit of a shame.