Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Warehouse Wednesday: Narrow gauge shed

Bressingham shed

Chatting to a fellow modeller the other day, I mentioned that I need a photo that sums up the scene I'm intending to model before I can really get into building a layout. The picture doesn't have to show anything planned to be modelled, it just needs atmosphere. 

I think this might be just such a picture. It's taken at Bressingham around the back of the sheds. The buildings are unprepossessing, but serve a purpose. You can really see this as an estate railway doing a proper job. Perhaps even a real industrial line. There's certainly nothing pretty about it. 

If I turn the camera around a little bit, there is an open sided shed which is even less pretty, but even more interesting to the enthusiast. 

Running shed

If you want to model engine shed clutter, here it is!

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