Friday, August 17, 2018

Social history

While my model of The Hellingly Hospital Railway might be retired from the exhibition circuit due to my lack of time to be a "proper" exhibitor, I'm still interested in the history of the line. There keep being little surprises along the way and it is a fascinating subject.

The latest "news" is that the hospital had a football team. I find this from the November 1955 issue of Lewes FC News - bought via eBay for a couple of quid.

Unsurprisingly, the hospital didn't have many people to chose from when picking a team. I'm assuming the list was limited to staff, inmates being ineligible to play.

Despite this, playing in Red and White, they beat both Burwash and Hastings Civil Service. Well done lads!

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Andy in Germany said...

I don't know, about patients being barred. By 1955 they may have worked out that some patients would be helped by being allowed to join something like a football team. Wikipedia says there were working patients and if the could work they could presumably play football.

Mind you Wiki says they also had a wing for what the authorities described as 'mentally defective' children, so perhaps they were not so enlightened after all...