Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Warehouse Wednesday: Four roads crossing keepers hut

Four Roads crossing keepers hut

If you are going to be left looking after a level crossing on the Isle of Man, you will want the company to provide you with some shelter from the rain. 

This they did with this lovely little stone hut. Now superfluous thanks to the automatic gates, it has been restored by the Steam Railway Supporters Association.

Sadly, the limited parking on a main road precluded me from taking a few measurements, that and I'd have had to stroll around on the railway to get at it. With the pie'n'mash train due not long after the picture was taken, I could have made the news as a casualty, not something I wish to do. 

A tidy and and tiny building that would look great modelled in a larger scale in anyones garden, or perhaps the centrepiece of a Manx diorama style layout.

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