Thursday, August 16, 2018

Huts and holes in BRM

It's the skills issue of BRM this month, so a couple of slightly different articles from the norm.

Soldering is one of those things that scares people and especially structural solder - that is making things rather than just joining up bits of wire.

I've tried to de-mystify the process of building an etched kit by using a simple shed from Roxey Mouldings as a test piece. At a fiver, it's disposable enough, but if you look at many sheds, the end result doesn't have to be well made to look right.

Then I look at the job of making holes. Not just holes in models, and not just with drills, although of course we cover both in the piece.

Awngate by Michael Campbell is featured and makes use of a set of photos I took a few months ago at the lancing show. Not a big layout, bagginenough interesting shots was a challenge, but I'm pleased with the results on the page. It's nice to spread my wings a little doing this sort of thing. 

Nothing on the DVD from me this month, but digital readers get an "extra" where I look at bending bars to supplement the etched article.

BRM September 2018.


Bill Newstead said...

Hi Phil,

Could you tell me where you got the drill & tap gauge from please? It looks very useful but all my Google searches just turn up thread gauges.



Phil Parker said...

It was given to me by a friend but I've seen similar versions on tools stalls including Squires.