Friday, August 31, 2018

Malcolm Mills Isle of Man loco kit

Malcolm Mitchell Isle of Man Peacock kit

How did this happen? An Isle of Man loco kit I'd never heard of? 

Found in among some second-hand goodies for sale at the Groudle Glen Railway a few weeks ago, I snapped it up for a tenner just to know more about it. 

Back home, looking inside the bag, I find a plastic boiler unit along with side tanks and cab from the same material. There's a frame front and cylinders too plus sundry other parts, many cast in whitemetal. 

There's no chassis, but this could be ordered from 3SMR - although it's no longer on their website. I guess the Branchlines version could be used though.

Compared to the GEM whitemetal kit, the body is a bit basic. I'd say it covers the early small boiler locos rather than the middle versions in use nowadays. For the moment, this will remain a curiosity on the collection, there are enough white metal models awaiting building for anything Manx I might require. 

Of course, Malcolm Mills is still producing models - his website is here - but now it's very reasonably priced O and G1 engines. I dropped him a line to find out more about the kits - apparently, there was a Caledonia as well as a Peacock. Sadly, they made no money when produced 25 years ago so he moved on to the larger scale models which have been much more successful. 

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