Thursday, April 17, 2008

1361 in bits

1361 bits
Originally uploaded by Phil_Parker.
Time to return (again) to an old project. When I left the 1361 it had a working chassis and a wonky body with hardly any paint. For the last few montsh it has sat on a shelf shaming me to get stuck in again.

So I started looking at the body. Now the plan had been to tidy it up a little and then get some paint on. However the best laid plans etc. - I ended up waggling a few bits and soon had it in the state you see here. A kit with old paint and glue leftovers on some of the pieces.

Obviously this is a good thing. I can clean the old glue off and re-solder the whole thing back together. It was a bit wonky around the back end anyway so things will get better.

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