Monday, April 28, 2008

Chassis and axleholes

Ruston axlehole
Originally uploaded by Phil_Parker.
Happily there isn't much to say about the chassis. Four bits of nickel silver slot together neatly and can be fixed with a soldering iron. Working on a reasonably flat surface and checking things are square is all that was required.

The bearings show up why I'm building a pre-production model. The supplier is used to big fat proper gauge 1 axles, not the weedy Slaters ones to be used here so while the outside of the bearing is pretty much spot on, the inside is hopeless. For this model I'll bush the hole out but on production versions the Brummies will be told to drill the right size hole. That way when you buy one of these kits you'll have no problems – I hope you appreciate the pain I have to go through so you get to enjoy building your model :-)

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