Sunday, April 06, 2008

Paper slates

Church roof
Originally uploaded by Phil_Parker.
I hate this doing the roof of a model building. It's the most prominent part and right under everyones nose, so the work needs to be top quality. But you have to produce hundreds of identical slates.

I cut strips of paper 5mm wide. These are marked 3mm from the edge. This is the visible slate and the other 2mm is the overhang. The division between each slate is cut with a pair of nail scissors. The the strip is separated from the sheet and stuck to the roof with PVA taking care to get it nice and straight. And make sure the gaps between slates are staggered.

This little roof took at least 3 hours. Once it's done people won't even notice if I get it right. Still, at least it's the sort of job you can do while half watching a DVD (The sound barrier since you ask) and while away the time. Not sure that makes it any more fun though.

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