Friday, April 18, 2008

Woodex 2008

Wooden faces
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Yay for free entry. That wondrous ticket price that lets you go to exhibitions just for the fun of it and see unusual things. That's how I ended up taking a quick trip around the corner to see the national wood turning and carving show.

Wood turning is a but like pottery as far as I can tell. Both involve the material rotating and being formed by hand whilst making a mess. Both look great fun to do and very satisfying in a weirdly tactile way.

Around half the event was given over to displays of peoples work. Obviously there were a lot of bowls and vases but even within this selection the imagination was incredible with very few duplicate items. The vase with a zip fitted impressed me a lot.

The trouble is that even though I have enough hobbies I still came away with a pack of pens to turn. Somewhere around here I do have a little lathe that I've never used. I fancy trying to carve a chain from solid wood as well - there is a set of instructions on my bookshelf I think.

Enough from me, go and have a look at the photos to see what was there.

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