Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Boiler section

Boiler section
Originally uploaded by Phil_Parker.
I keep plonking the locomotive body on to its chassis and checking it looks right. This matters more (I think) than strict accuracy. The area under the tank has always looked odd - there is too much air.

The kit didn't come with anything to represent the boiler bottom, hence the big gap. I had to scratchbuild this bit using a section of brass tube. Ideally this would go back to the firebox but if I wanted to get the motor in that wasn't possible.

One feature the kits does have is a pair of unprototypical sandboxes ove the centre wheels The ought to be replaced with springs but I left them in place as they help hide the foreshortened boiler. They look pretty nice too.

With the space filled in, this loco looks a lot better - more waddling saddle tank than 9F.

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