Wednesday, April 04, 2012

3mm Society Morris 5cwt GPO van kit

Van kit

Another goodie from the 3mm box is this whitemetal kit for a Morris Minor 5cwt GPO van. Produced by the 3mm Society, I think it will make a nice detail item for the end of Flockbrugh.

3mm scale Morris VanYou might notice this week that I'm working on several projects in an effort to get the layout ready for York show at the weekend. As such , I need fast details. The sort of thing that is easy in 4mm scale but a lot tougher in a modelling scale such as this.

The good news is that for once, I have a quick project. All the parts are cleanly cast and go together very well. Assembly takes around 20 minutes with superglue and accelerator. All I have to do now is fit the headlamps, which will be a little tricky without any positive location aids, but doable.

If I want to quibble, the wheels are a bit chunky. More Chelsa tractor than vintage van, but I'll live with them since making proper wire wheels is beyond my abilities.

You'll probably say that these things were off the road by the time of my layout but I'm not so worried. Flockbrugh is a backwater and the Post Office haven't got around to replacing this one with a more modern Morris Minor.

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