Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Behind the scenes at a review

Review pictureLast month, in Hornby Magazine (Issue 58, April 2012), I had published a short review of some model fencing manufactured by Faller. The design is modern post and rail and the miniature version, once seperated from it's massive sprue, is pretty spindly.

Thinking that this on it's own would make a rubbish photo, I decided that some background was required. I couldn't be bothered to build a diaorama for this - let's face it, we are talking a tiny chunk of page here - so I had to improvise.

Necessity (or laziness) being the mother of invention, my solution was as you see below. A slab of medium density foam with some Flexifield grass fixed to it using big purple map pins looked like landscape. The legs of the fenceposts could then be pushed through this with a bit of a struggle, but through they went. With the photo taken at a suitable angle, the result didn't look too bad.

Reviewing a fence

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