Monday, April 23, 2012

Research for boat modellers

Or: Isn't the Internet clever ?

Laconically browsing the Isle of Man webcams at, I spotted an interesting looking ship in the Queen Victoria Pier at Douglas.

"That's odd", I think, "You normally see ferries berthed in that dock but that looks like a cargo vessel"

Intrigued, and a bit more awake, I want to know more. A quick look at the ship tracker , zooming in on the Isle of Man, gets me this map:

Hovering my mouse over the green square, I get the name Helliar which looks like the same name painted on the side of the hull. One click later and I'm looking at full details of the ship at

Including this very nice picture showing exactly why it's parked in a spot for roll on roll off ferries:

How clever is that ?

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