Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The glue, or not to glue ?

3mm lorry

Here's a question - Is it better to glue road vehicles down to a model railway, or to leave them loose ?

If they are glued down, you can't lose them, unless the glue lets go, and they are always in the right place. It's one less job at the end of the show to go around and remove them from the display. Light fingered punters can't help themselves during the show either.

On the other hand, loose vehicles can be moved around the layout so it looks different every time it's exhibited. But they can be left behind, or more entertainingly, left on the layout when it's being packed up so you get the fun of finding a battered whitemetal kit on the floor after hearing the clunk.

What do you think ?


Chris Ford said...

I'm defintely a glue down chap. However not as bad as a friend of mine who left a GP35 in the loco shed after a show, turned the lyout upside down, strapped it onto a trailer and drove home. The resulting mess was..

Paul Barrett said...

Even though I'm not a layout owner (more of a stock builder myself)I'd go down the 'leave 'em loose' road, easier to reposition for a little Nevardesque storytelling tomfoolery or to upgrade to a better/newer model when the mood takes.