Friday, September 19, 2014

A long drinking session

Last weekend, I took my beer festival diorama to RM Web live. Having purchased a suitable PP3 battery from Layouts4U, the animated drinkers were powered up and proved to be a great success.

Considering we were in a huge exhibition hall with loads of things for people to look at, nearly everyone who passed by spotted the little men banging their glasses on the table. The little bit of movement catches the eye, presumably some sort of ancient defence mechanism dating from when we were grubbing around water holes and trying not to be eaten by saber-tooth tigers.

Early in the evening, I was sitting waiting for the bar to open and realised I hadn't switched the drinkers off. The doors to the hall were locked so they spent the whole night working away. The next morning they were still at it and this continued for a couple of hours after the show opened.

26 hours on a cheap 9V battery. Not bad going at all!

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