Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Scrubs up nicely

I'm doing a bit more filming for a BRM DVD. This time I'll be needing my soldering iron for the feature. It was looking a bit worse for wear - basically absolutely filthy.

Now, I don't mind my tools looking like they earn their keep in photos and films but this thing was absolutely caked in muck and gunge. When you can't see the markings around the temperature control then perhaps it's time to have a clean.

This worried me. I think this is an excellent tool and I really don't want to break it. But, a couple of days ago, I gave our toaster a good, through, clean.

Plugging it back in I'd obvioulsy knocked the lever enough to switch it on. The element warmed up, there was some steam from inside, then a load pop and all the power went off in the house.

I unplugged the errant appliance, reset the RCD in the distributor box in the cupboard and then had a sniff. The smell was unmistakably borken electric thing. A very clean bread heater awaits a trip to the small electicals recycling bin which a replacement occupies it's old position.

I didn't want this to happn to my soldering iron so extreem care was taken when brushing Cillit Bang around the base and handgrip. A paper towel wiped up any excess moisture and the thick grime after a few seconds.

I also didn't plug back in for a couple of hours to let things dry. When I did though, I am happy to report that the iron works as well as ever. I wonder if Barry Scott would like to feature it in an advert?

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