Monday, September 15, 2014

Yacht varnish advice

Here's a handy hint. The photo shows two tins of yacht varnish - my standard gloop for producing large areas of model water.

On the left, a small tin of varnish. An ideal size for a modelling project you would thing. At 99p, it's well priced too.

There are a couple of snags. Firstly, the stuff doesn't go off. Archaeologists will dig up woodwork painted with it in a thousand years time and it will still be sticky.

Worse though is the smell. This stuff really stinks. Imagine the English, Welsh and Scottish rugby teams relieving themselves on your living room carpet after many pints of cheap lager on a hot day. It's smells a bit worst than that.

Ronseal yacht varnish costs 15 quid for a big can. It sets and the smell dissipates after half an hour.

Sometimes it seems, you get what you pay for.

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