Thursday, September 25, 2014

Two types of buckeye


Another new one on me, or at least I don't remember finding this before on a kit.

The buckeye coupling is supplied in two parts made from a different, more flexible, plastic from the rest of the kit. These both go inside the draft box, one on top of the other. Result is a sprung, working buckeye with an opening jaw.  Hanging underneath is a steel pole on the end of which is crimped a half moon to fit in the similarly shaped hole under the coupler head.

What I don't understand is the non-working coupling also provided. Who needs this? It's not any more realistic than the working version and you'll not be able to make up a train without lifting each vehicle up and hooking it on manually. Even then the train will struggle with curves as it wouldn't swing from side to side much. I suspect that most of these end up as scenic additions dumped in the corner of a yard.

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