Monday, September 29, 2014

A most useful photography tool

RIP my GorillaPod. After well over a year of sterling service, it has finally bitten the dust. The three legs are turned skyward as it will no longer hold up my camera.
I didn't believe this could happen but quite simply, I've worn the thing out. Once the legs were stiff enough to hold in any position but now the balls move in the sockets at the merest hint of a touch. Screw a camera to the top and it descends to the desktop with a thump.
Trouble is, this is an incredibly useful too. Whereas for a DSLR or bridge camera, a beanbag is the ideal support, for my Cannon G12 - the workhorse for "how to" articles - the Pod is a more flexible support allowing for all sorts of angles. If greater height is required then it sits atop some books or boxes, whatever comes to hand really.
I did try some of the Internet fixes with smears of Superglue or roughing up the balls. Nothing worked sadly. If anyone has a suggestion, I'm all ears.
So useful a tool is the GorillaPod that it's already been replaced with one sporting grey rings instead of red ones. The difference in stiffness between the two is amazing.

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