Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Not all toys are childs play

"Why are we looking at a Playmobil - 4469 - Nautical Expedition Ship?", I hear you cry.

I'm impressed with your knowledge of the Playmobil catalogue, especially the ability to recall the serial number of a particular toy, I would reply.

Truth is, this toy has been knocking around the Parker pending pile for a couple of year. At around 15 inches long, it looks like it will make a nice radio controlled model. There's space inside for the mechanical and electrical gubbins. There is lots of detail, but not enough to worry about. Being a toy, it's nice and robust.

It's also a fun idea and should look fab on the water. Quite a few modellers have spotted the range and done the same work on them. Just for fun you understand.

Anyway, Parker senior fancies putting the mechanical. First job - make the model up. According to the box, this will take someone over 3 years old about half an hour.

Our combined age - 116. Time taken to build the boat. 45 minutes.



Michael Campbell said...

Ha, Playmobil can take longer to build than Lego! I spent nearly 2 hours last Christmas building a school...

Anonymous said...

I think the difference is Lego is meant to be built. Playmobil is meant to be whole forever. Therefore, its ability to be built is insignificant to its ability to not come apart again.