Sunday, July 12, 2015

Beaconsfield 2015

Melbridge DockMid-summer exhibitions are rare. It's generally considered that most punters will be outside doing summery things and won't be easily enticed into a warm hall to look at train sets. However, more and more clubs are risking the move to sunny times especially if they are currently trying to organise a show in the busy autumn/winter period.

To make things as difficult as possible, the weather on the day was glorious. Our trip down the M40 was uneventful and once inside, we set up, fixed a dry joint and then went for a stroll.

The second hand stall was fantastic and I could have spent a lot more than I did. I still regret not picking up the Matchbox Jaguar kit for a couple of quid, even though I don't really need a 1/32nd car kit. It just looked fun to build. Still, the Hornby building is entertaining enough.

The warm weather might have been caused by the heat coming off the teas. Walking around the show, I spilt a little on my hand, 5 minutes after it was served resulting in a mild scald and trip to the toilets to run cold water on my wrist. After this, I stuck to cold drinks!

Layouts were better than you might expect for a local show. I'd recon that there were half-a-dozen that I really liked including some N gauge which is unusual for me. I'd not really like to pick a favourite although the tramway is a bit special even though it's been around for many years.

Tram to Burnside

Trade was less exciting. Several RTR sellers were fighting for custom. Elsewhere Severn Models tempted me with their new O gauge garden sheds which I could happily have added some figure from Freestone Model Accessories to in a little scene, had I not just built a garden diorama for BRM.

Apart from our initial dry joint, the layout ran well and we received much appreciative comment. Despite being withing spitting distance of the M25, the puffers proved the most popular feature. We met people who had sailed on them, restored them and even been a cabin boy on one!

ChoccieCakeWhilst never heavingly busy, there were plenty of people around and the day passed quickly in a blur of chatting. One of the joys of a one-day show is that it doesn't need to be desperately serious, just a pleasant day out playing trains.

Which leaves the cake question. As hoped, the cake was excellent. Chocolate in the morning and carrot in the afternoon. Lunch looked good but neither of us fancied a big, hot meal and swapped our tickets for a cheese sandwich and sausage roll. I think I might have missed out on some good desert though...

Photos from the show on Flickr.

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