Friday, July 31, 2015

Bulldog exhaust and a handy tool

Under the Bulldog, there is an exhaust pipe. Unusual feature since most tractors chuck out their gas from a vertical pipe on the side of the engine bonnet. Other Bulldogs have this, there is even a part in the kit, but not the one I'm building.
Anyway, there is a big, fat, silencer on the pipe that tapers at the end. Proper modellers would set up a lathe and turn this.
I stuffed a bit of plastic tube in a pencil sharpener. This sort of worked but when I glued a bit of rod in the tube to make a solid end, it shaped perfectly. Then I drilled from the back of the tube, put new rod in to represent the pipe and the rest was spot on.
This is the second time I used a pencil sharpener to make pointed bits for modelling recently. Last time was for 7mm scale plant pots. It's a handy tool.

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Nick Brad said...

Coming along nicely now, almost time for a bit of colour :)