Saturday, July 11, 2015

Stripping paint

Stripped Building

Back at the 50p Hornby building, I've spent half an hour at the sink with some Precision Paints Superstrip in an effort to remove the old paint. As you can see, I had reasonable success with the red brickwork but made no impression on the yellow stuff in the top panels.

Even getting this far took longer than expected. I worked the stripper in to the bricks with an old paintbrush and for about 15 minutes, only the faces cleaned up. Suddenly the chemicals got into the mortar and another quarter of an hour saw most of these cleared. Finally, I picked out the remaining paint with a sharp knife - it was loose but not ready to fall out.

After this, all the corners were re-glued and I filled in the worst of the gaps with Deluxe Materials plastic filler.

All this effort - I wish I'd just bought an unbuilt kit, but then I suppose that wouldn't have been so much fun!