Monday, July 13, 2015

VW Campervan for sale

If you've seen my local paper then you might have spotted this advert in the motoring classifieds. Yes, it is time to sell Ashley, my VW campervan.

Truth is, I've not driven him on the public roads for 5 years (he had to be dry stored once I got the 206 for commuting) and if I'm honest, before that trips out were often prompted by a realisation that he'd not moved for a week. I'm not really a camper, rarely get anything resembling a holiday and am no-way cool enough to make the most of VeeDub festivals. Basically, I'm not using him, he needs someone who will.

The good news is that the tiny bit of welding required has been done. Engine seriously serviced and a quick freshen-up became a full respray. He looks fantastic and the re-con engine with around 7000 miles on it runs very sweetly indeed.

Unlike most vans, there shouldn't be any horrors to discover - I went through that process over a decade ago and very painful it was too. You could jump in and go on holiday next weekend.

If you are interested, ring the number in the advert (Malc has carried out all the work except the respray) and is handling the sale. Either that or drop me an e-mail. Good home required please.


Keith P. said...

I thought you had a Berlingo not a Peugeot 207?

Phil Parker said...

My parents have a Berlingo which I maintain for them and borrow when I need a long run (it's got excellent MPG) or have to move a load. I have an aged 206 which I maintain for me.

Paul B. said...

If I had the money...
My wife owned a converted VW T4 for a while (we both love camping) which we both really miss. We took it into Europe a couple of times, Northern Italy and Chamonix, never missed a beat. Also great just for stopping for a brew when out walking with the dogs.
It does occur to me that a camper would be ideal for model railway show visits, no more queueing for tea when you could just pop outside and brew up.

Phil Parker said...

I'd not had the van for very long when I took it to the old Liverpool show. The lunches were unappealing but we discovered a good snadwich shop near the venue. Lunchtimes were spent sat in Ashley watching boats on the Mersey. Perfect and one of the great memories I'll always have.