Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Lanz begins

Inside the expensive kit, there aren't that many parts. What there are rattle around in the big box!

Looking through, there are obviously several versions. In fact there is one with a sort of cab in the range. Mine has a powered saw arrangement on the back which I won't be using but handily, the power takeoff cover on the side of the engine IS in my kit. A bit of scratchbuilding saved - it's not perfect but near enough for me.

A few minutes work sees all the parts I'll need from the kit in use. Wheels are only pushed on, hence the lack of hubcaps. I need these to work out the size of the mudguards but they'll need to come off for painting later.

Bulldog beginnings

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Nick Brad said...

That doesn't look too bad built up, the fun part will be making the extra bodywork