Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Warehouse Wednesday: Leamington's hidden warehouse

Leamington Warehouse1

Hidden down an alleyway in Leamington is a warehouse.

Now a gym, it is an interesting brick building right in the middle of several others. The "road" in front is little more than 10 feet wide.

Logically, the warehouse must pre-date the buildings in front of it. There should have once been more space for goods to come and go. Logically, but the buildings in front seem just as old and certainly date to the Victorian era judging by old photos of the street.

Leamington Warehouse2

So why is it here?

According to the gym website, it is a listed building although I can't find any details - the nearest listing is for the shops in Bath Street next door.

You can see the building on  Google Streetview although the marker is in the wrong place, the mill is the large building at the end of the alleyway/street.

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Huw Griffiths said...

I can't help wondering how old this building really is - it might turn out to be older than you think (it might also have been modified over the years).

As for getting goods in and out, I wonder if they might originally have used horse / ox carts - perhaps there might originally have been access at both ends of a "road" outside - perhaps the building might once have been at the entrance to some sort of courtyard or mews.

Ultimately, in the absence of more concrete information, we can only guess.