Monday, December 10, 2018

Changing sticks

One of the more useful things in my bag after the IPMS show was a new pack of abrasive sticks. I'm terrible at changing these things when they are badly worn as you can see from the state of the old ones. In my defence, they still worked quite well when handled properly, but you couldn't sand up to the edges of the stick. 

I'm like this with knife blades too. I know a sharp blade is a joy to use, but the parsimonious bit of me (I have both Polish and Scottish blood, neither nation is known for throwing money around) wants to make it last just a little bit longer. 

Anyone else do this?


Huw Griffiths said...

Let's guess - in tomorrow's blog post, you show us how to refurb those sanding sticks with new strips of abrasive?

Well, it's either that or find alternative uses for what's left of those sticks - "you know it makes sense".

And why not - the central "cores" of those sticks are probably perfectly sound … .

(Let's face it - I was into recycling long before it became "cool to be green". I even recycle my jokes. That's right - I even recycle my -- oh, never mind!)

Anonymous said...

yes...i use them...hate to throw away a blade that just need a little touch up...(on the other side of the pond...USA)...i buy my sticks at the local health and beauty store in their fingernail care section...

Paul B. said...

Four scalpels sit on my bench, to with curved blades and two with straight ones.
Tow of the handles are fitted with new, sharp blades, one of each type, and the other two with older blunter blades. So, rather than ruin a sharp blade when I want to, for example, scrape some solder away or scribe some brass I can instead use an older one, keeping the keener blades for more exacting work.

Fifteenflatout said...


I wouldn't dream of buying sanding sticks. I make my own by gluing lolly sticks to sheets of Wet & Dry abrasive paper. I use various grades of paper from 180 grit(coarse) to 600 (fine).

Once the glue is dry I just slice them up with a Stanley knife - usually just before the blade needs changing.

NB I enjoyed your IPMS pictures on Flickr.

Regards, Geoff

BR60103 said...

I'm looking for a use for knife blades where the 1/16" at the tip is worn and the other 7/8" of the blade is untouched.
I found a box of small sandpaper strips in a storage store. I'm sill on the first one.