Sunday, December 09, 2018

IPMS 2018

Bathtime fun

Travelling to Telford can be interesting. Or more accurately, frustrating. A couple of years ago, I arrived at Birmingham New Street to find all the trains to the town cancelled. On that occasion, I turned around and went to the NEC classic car show instead. 

This might have been my plan this year as well, but I'd visited the cars the day before, and enjoyable as it was, didn't want a second dose. 

So, after consulting the staff, I pressed on with a change at Wolverhampton. This would add over half an hour to the trip, time I knew I'd miss trying to get around a big show. Still, I carried on and an hour later than I had planned to be at the event, thanks to more train pain at Wolverhampton, I arrived somewhat grumpy. 

Grumpiness was dispelled almost immediately when I saw the fantastic boat in the bath model above. It made me smile and the rest of the show was brilliant. I still haven't seen the modelling competition, but then I did leave about 10 minutes before the end, tired and with a bag full of kits I don't really need...

Note: If you are wondering why I don't drive instead, it's:
A) A rubbish long jouney
B) You need to be there well over an hour before opening to get a space in the car park. Either that or park somewhere in Wales. 

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Huw Griffiths said...

If you were to drive, might there also be another issue:

C) The parking (if you can find any) would probably require you to take out a second mortgage.

OK - apologies for any perceived cynicism - I've heard so many horror stories about the parking at a number of venues that I assume it's likely to be more or less universal.

I'm sure there must be some noble exceptions (even if only to prove the rule), but … .