Friday, December 21, 2018

RadioLink T8FB RC system

A few weeks ago, I blogged my disappointment with a Turnigy radio system and intention to find a working replacement.

Deciding that I wanted to buy from a proper shop, my web browser was pointed at Howes Models in Kidlington. The bargain basement system I spotted was the RadioLink T8FB. £50 including a receiver, it was worth a dabble.

After arriving in the post (Howes is 3/4 hour drive away, so postage is cheaper than petrol) the receiver was installed in a boat and bound to the transmitter in a few seconds. The process is simple (press a button) and even quicker than the Planet set I already own.

On the water, everything works nicely and a couple of club members commented that also use RadioLink gear.

I'm happy that the company has been operating long enough and offers sufficient products that they won't vanish in a puff of electronic smoke in a hurry. The transmitter provides a multitude of facilities I'll never use of course - all tunable by plugging your mobile phone in, something I have no intention of doing.

I like the stubby and robust aerial, and the turny controls on the top corners that I already have ideas for one day. Basically, it works.

Postscript: I stuck the Turnigy system on eBay and sold it - to a bloke in Liverpool who ticked the "collect in person" box. Needless to say, he claimed this was an accident and would send the postage on. To my complete lack of surprise, he didn't. Still, even this was I got a little bit of cash back on the deal.

So, my radio control future is ensured for a few years.

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Boat says to me Dolphin 16 Meccano Magazine plan circa 1967