Thursday, December 06, 2018

Painting stuff in BRM

It's painty fingers time in the January issue of BRM.  I pick up a couple of old projects that we last saw in the raw plastic and metal and give them a coat of many colours.

My subjects are the Slater's Conflat and Roxey etched shed, both of which I've shown the construction of in 2018. Painting often gets tagged on the end of a build, but it's a topic in itself, so it is nice to be given space to do the job properly.

Digital readers get a bonus video, where I look at options for holding models that are being painted. There are a couple of handy holding tools and some figures glued to a piece of wood. Bonus points for spotting who these figures represent.

On the main DVD, I look at preparing for paint. Another topic glossed over normally, but it can be a mystery for many modellers. If you want to produce a quality finish though, preparation is the key, so hopefully, this is one of those basic skills areas that will be useful.

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