Sunday, December 23, 2018

NEC Classic car show 2018

Fiat Vignale

I'm very busy at this time of year, and so I'm sure are you - so today's post is heavy on pictures from the NEC classic car show.

OK, these aren't models, but they are all someone's hobby. There's very little here you just jump in to and drive off every day!


Car of the show for me had to be the Talbot Rancho. Rarer than all the supercar exotica shown elsewhere thanks to lousy rustproofing, this was a beautiful example that I would drive away in an instant.

Citroen Mahari

I'm quite partial to a plastic-boy Citroen too. The Mehari owes most of its mechanicals to the famous 2CV, but the body is ABS and so RUST FREE!

Bond racing car

My love of micro-cars was well satisfied, especially this Bond racing model, one of only two made it's cute and I suspect, a lot of fun to drive on a B-road. Less fun on a motorway!

Nova kit car

Not a Beetle as such, this is a Nova kit car which used a bug as a donor car. Building a kit car has always appealed to me as long as I could find something that doesn't look too weird, and finish it to a really high standard. Very much a "one day" project, it's nice to dream.

Vauhall pickup

Nice to see mundain vehicles attracting interest. I think this is a Bedford HA pickup and is the sort of car that was used and abused and rusted away when I was a kid. For railway modellers, it's the type you really need a few of on your 70s layout.

There you co, some prety car pictures. If you want more, head over to Flickr where I seem to have posted quite a lot. 

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