Friday, January 07, 2022

Bradford Model Railway (Manchester) Centre bag

Would you like an old plastic bag from a model shop? 

Of course I would. 

Just around the corner from a Wimpy - can things get any better? 

The Bradford shop closed in 2006, but by then it had become "Frizinghall Models & Railways" to avoid confusion with the owners shops in Huddersfield, and Leeds as well as Manchester, and the closure was due to a move to an industial unit. 

FMR still exist an can be found here. 



Mark said...

What I find very strange is a shop called "Bradford Model Railway Centre" apparently having shops in Manchester, Huddersfield, and Leeds but not Bradford!

Woz said...

Season Greetings Phil,

What is a Wimpy ?

Cheers Woz

Phil Parker said...

Wimpy - only the best burger chain -

I'm a big fan of the Brown Derby dessert, less so of the "Bender in a bun" main course.

And they give you knives and forks to eat with too. So civilised!