Monday, January 24, 2022

FAB 1 - Let's look in the box

Time to start work on the new, Japanese, kit stash. The good news is that I'm actually looking forward to having a go at these. Maybe a hint of modelling mojo returning? 

We'll start with FAB 1 - a caracture version of the famous Rolls-Royce from Thunderbirds. Obviously, I like it, because the driver is Parker, presumably a distant relative of mine. 

There's a lot of air in this box. OK, the instructions aren't in the photo, but as the pink body is only 85mm long, you can see that the parts will be rattling around a bit. 

Inside, there is the pink body, black parts including wheels, chassis and figures, some chromed pieces for front and back, a clear canopy and transfers. 

Some of the latter, are stripes to go on the canopy. A clever idea, but the match with the pink plastic isn't great. OK, I know this is a fun kit, you don't even need glue, but I think I can do better. 

The box said "mini" and I remembered that somewhere, there was a can of Tamiya spray paint just the right colour from when I built a diescast pink Mini for a friend. A quick squirt and the body looks fab!

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