Wednesday, January 05, 2022

Warehouse Wedneday: Scammell Trailer


On the way into the Severn Valley Railway car park, there is this wonderful (to me) abandoned Scammell trailer. It doesn't fit the railway's neat and tidy image, but is representative of road vehicles that had reached the end of their working lives, and were re-purposed as storage units. 

Peeling paint, the remainds of a poster on the side, plenty of greenery growing in the nooks and crannies - lovely and something that would make a nice addition to a 1970s layout. I actually tried this on Selly Oak, with an old box body removed from a lorry. 

Perhaps this is what I should do with my Hornby Centenry model? Or grab another Oxford example perhaps.

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Simon Hargraves said...

If I ever get around to doing something with my H0 US outline stuff, I have a similar idea for a trailer kit I bought a few years ago. There's also a yellow taxi and what we would call a mobile home...I'm thinking somewhere on the line between a preservation scheme and a scrapyard.