Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Nearly calling the Doctor


I was supposed to be getting some work done on Saturday - it's often the best time to crack on without people bothering you - but thanks to an Instagram post, found myself falling down a Dr Who cast metal figure rabbit hole. 

Head over to Black Tree Design for the entrance. 

I posted a link on a Facebook Messenger group I'm on and then perused the site. And started adding a couple of figures to my basket. You know how it is, Tom Baker (the best Doctor), a couple of Daleks and K9. Just for painting fun. 

One of my friends responded with "Now, now boys, don’t spend all your pocket money at once." as I wasn't the only one looking. 

Which prompted me to abandon my basket. Not for cost (very reasonable) but because I've had a set of figures from the TV version of The Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy, stuck to a piece of wood near the workbench for well over a decade.

There have been more added to the collection since then, including an excellent Count Binface, and none of these has been painted either. 

Basically, in 2022, I need to start shopping in my own stash of kits, not aquiring more. I know I'm not going to do this exclusivly, but the pile needs to go down, not up. Not even by one tiny Dalek...

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