Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Newspaper solution

 Last year, I pondered the right sort of papers to appear in modelling magazine photos

Nothing too political, or with anything titilating on the picture front. You don't need controversial storeis appearing, or murders. In fact, it's probably best to avoid people's faces. 

But, the solution has arrived wrapped around yesterday's plastic kits - Japanese newspapers!

How cool will I look using thse when I need to protect my scenery from messy work, but need to take a photo?


Bill L said...

Well yes, sort of. They look like the equivalent of our “small ads” but with pictures. Having received a lot of parcels from Plaza-japan with similar packing I sometimes wondered what the adverts were actually offering. For instance the advert bottom left of a man and a woman, looks like they are each saying something, you don’t seem to get ads like that in british papers. Not the ones I read anyway.

Christopher Payne said...


Christopher Payne