Friday, January 28, 2022

How old is this paint?

I was given some paint when I visted Footplate a few weeks ago. It's unopened - New Old Stock. 

Question: How old are these pots? Best guess from a contact at Hornby is something like 50 years. Can anyone confirm or deny this? 

At some point, I want to open some of these for a video, but knowing the age would make this much more interesting.



Grahame Every said...

Hi Phil, Yes, around 50 years is about right. I would have been in my mid-20s then, and I certainly recall a rack of Airfix paint tinlets alongside the ubiquitous Humbrol rack in the model shops, and even in places like larger WH Smith on occasion. At this distance I can't remember clearly the reason(s), but Airfix were considered inferior to Humbrol. However, when a particular shade was needed, I bought what was in front of me, not stressing too much over the brand. Or were Airfix cheaper, maybe? Humbrol were about the 50p a tinlet if memory serves. Thanks for the memories, and I still have a couple of Airfix tinlets. At least one has been opened, and is still in usable condition, with judicious addition of thinners and a thorough stir. All the best, Grahame Every

MikeB said...

Intrigued, I spent a couple of hours researching this question. Airfix paint in glass bottles was remembered by people in early to mid 1960s. An advert for a house clearance of unused Airfix tins like yours was dated as early 1970s. My first plastic kit modelling was mid 70's and I remember the Airfix tins. Maybe this helps?

Christopher said...

I still have a few of these in my collection of tinlets. I started painting plastic aircraft kits in late 1970 and used Airfix glass bottles of paint. The tinlets were introduced after this, so some time between 1971 and 1973? I don’t know when they disappeared from the market, but 50 years sounds about right, as I think I was using Humbrol tinlets by 1975. (Airfix paint was 1p cheaper than Humbrol back then as I remember, so I would have used whatever was cheapest if there was a choice!)

James Finister said...

How many models in our teenage years were ruined by the combination of tube cement and enamel paints? TBH I'm quite cross when I look back on that period, I almost think we were set up to fail