Monday, January 03, 2022

The calendar dilemma


So here we are, 2022. I have a new calendar on the wall, and I'm wondering if like last year, it's there just for the pretty pictures. 

Is there any point in putting in shows and events, or shall I just save the ink? 

2022 could easily be as bad as 2021 and 2020 thanks to Covid, or even worse, thanks to messers Putin and Jinping. 

I'd love to say I'm looking forward to shows and events, but years ago, learned that looking forward to something was to invite, if not disaster, at least disapointment. I'm someone who (fortunatly) isn't disapointed at not winning the lottery on the rare occasions I buy a ticket, because I figure that a big win would only be accompanied by an even bigger disaster. 

Truth is, I miss shows. While not in any way gregarious, I miss having a reason to go somewhere, look at things and buy stuff whilst meeting (mostly) interesting people. Sorry anti-HS2 people, Zoom and online alternatives just don't cut it long term. It might be cheaper to have a virtual beer with freinds, but I would like to go to a pub. Maybe watching a movie is more convenient at home, but I like the occasion of a cinema visit. And yes, you spend less eating at your own table, but just being able to walk in to a cafe without worrying about infection, well I miss that too. 

As I write, one of my favourite shows, Stafford, is off for another year. Maybe that's for the best as a big chunk of the fun is the train and vintage bus ride to the venue. Would I want to make those trips that way? Probably not. 

Will we see any shows at all in 2022? I can see some might sneak though thanks to an airy venue and professional door staff. Others will decide to "give it another year" - but at the end of 2020, we believed the vaccine programme would mean Covid was a memory by the end of 2021, wheras we aren't far off from the same position. Can anyone believe the end of 2022 won't look very similar? 

Please feel free to fill the comments with positive vibes, I could do with them. 


John Fletcher said...

We've got to start living with this virus, not merely existing. Triple jabbed, my wife and I enjoyed a delicious restaurant meal out the other day, and a proper family get-together yesterday. The Doncaster exhibition is still on my calendar for next month, and I'll be getting there by train. (And I'll try and be interesting when we meet up, Phil!)

Michael Campbell said...

I'm more optimistic. I attended a couple of shows in the autumn, one as an exhibitor, and they felt nearly normal. I'm planned to attend Doncaster too, though like you I'm staying prepared for disappointment. Still, I think there will be more shows this year even if masks and tests remain a part of the experience. Keep calm and carry on exhibiting?

Adrian Johnstone said...

Here's one (new!) show in 2022 that has a high probability of running - the 75th anniversary G1MRA show in Bicester which will have a wide range of scales represented:

If it's a success then it may become a regular event.

Phil Parker said...

John - I agree, but it's not going to be easy with people competing with each other to demand safety measures. Yesterday, one on Twitter was suggesting that kids back at school should wear at least FP2 masks - taped around the edges to their faces to ensure no gaps!

Adrian - I've checked and the details are in the GR diary dates, so hopefully I'll be along as well! I'm sure Covid can't trump and atmosphere full of meths and gas!