Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Warehouse Wednesday: Overgrown huts

Overgrown huts

Spotted in an odd bit of land near me that is surrounded by a housing estate. According to a planning notice, this and the bungalow next door, will soon become a 2-bed house and some self-build plots. 

These odd corners are understandably becoming rare and it's worth keeping an eye out for them. In model form, overgrown huts like this (are these Nissen huts? Surely they are too small?) make lovely, atmospheric scenes.

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John Fletcher said...

I'm sure they're Nissen huts. Can you believe that, back in the '70s, my missus had to try and teach 20+ "slow learners" in one of these sited in a Southampton school. It was her first teaching post, no classroom assistants, and anything she tried to put on the walls was rinsed off by the rivers of condensation!
You won't be surprised to know she soon abandoned teaching as a career.