Tuesday, May 10, 2022

A little mine

Karolina Falls Mine

While poking my camera around at Bristol, I took this photo of the small mine on Karolina Falls. It's tucked around the side and so if the layout isn't displayed on a corner site, you won't see it. 

I don't actually have a use for the photo, but I like the scene so much, I'll share it on here. 

The layout is 7mm scale and most of it runs on 165mm gauge track. This bit is narrower, I didn't measure but I think 12mm, and entirely seperate. The builder assures me it will work, but there's not much point if the public can't see it!

What we have is a rather nice, and extreemly compact, layout in its own right. Perhaps a bit of inspiration for someone? 

(Click on the photo for a bigger version on Flickr)


Jim said...

Would look good moved to Mid Wales as a gold mine, or one of the free mining operations in the Forest of Dean.

Anonymous said...

"...runs on 165mm gauge track". Wow, that's pretty broad!

Anonymous said...

165mm gauge? That's pretty broad!