Friday, May 27, 2022

R253 Dock Shunter


R253 Dock Shunter

Digging on my hard drive for a random photo to entertain you today, I found this Tri-ang Dock shunter in the attractive yellow livery. You can read about the refurbishment of this little loco back in 2020. 

I was recently photographing an S Gauge layout, and found an example in the fiddle yard. 

With the addition of some ingenious wheels, it now performs the role of track tester so the "proper" locos are spared the job. After all, if this derails, it's not going to hurt it.


Woody said...

Thanks Phil for bringing back great memories and inspiring a post on my blog today - There is just something about the dock shunter that almost makes it iconic - maybe it is the working headlight? Always wanted one as a child but had to wait many years until I got one second hand and I now treasure it. You can say what you want about the lack of detail to Triang models but the company knew how to make models that could be played with and had play value too.

Matt scrutton said...

Would you believe P4 wheelsets are available off the shelf for these